We understand how busy people are in the current days; They don’t even get time to look after their health and do regular exercise. It is a fact, the bitter truth for every individual around the world! If not all, at least 80% of them fall into this category. Have you realized that when you watch TV for hours at your home or in a multiplex, it damages the nervous system? You start experiencing pain on your neck when you keep practising this for months. 

We at Tranquil Mount thought of filling this gap to make your life easier, if not keeping you healthy but at least assisting you to stay fit, not falling in health issues! That is the reason our dedicated experts have discovered such advanced equipment that tilts, swivel, adjust the distance of your TV just the way you want it! 

We cater to our services at the corporate offices; sell it to individuals with discounted rates. The schools, colleges, hospitals, hotels, recreation clubs, and party hubs- we cater to all such places through our B2B Portal. By using our B2B Portal you get the benefit of special pricing with the bulk order. Explore more about our B2B Portal.

How to Install the TV Mount?

You will be provided with a complete installation guide book along with the TV mount set. With the help of step-by-step guidance, you can easily install the mount on the wall near the fireplace or anywhere you want. The mount is extremely powerful yet flexible which allows you to tilt, swivel, and move the TV up-down, to and from exactly the way you want it. However, you want it. It’s a lightweight TV mount, and anyone can fix it on the wall without any prior knowledge. But still, if you don’t want to install it yourself, then you can hire a local installer for the purpose. 

How Soon the Product Gets Delivered? Which Are the Locations We Can Avail the TV Mount? 

As soon as you order the TV mount through our website, the ordered product gets dispatched for free shipping to your doorstep. You can expect the fastest delivery to your place within two to three working days. 

We ship our mounts all around the world and offers free shipping to our UK customers. The extra shipping cost gets added when you book from a different country. Our products get directly shipped from the factory. That is the reason we could sell them at a much affordable price, and still, maintain the supreme quality!

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