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Step by step video installation guide for installing a TranquilMount pull-down TV wall mount Bracket

Follow the Video link below for step by step instructions on how to install the TranquilMount pull-down TV mount above the fireplace mantel brick, as well as a flat plasterboard wall.

How to install a TranquilMount pull-down TV wall mount Bracket?

Does the Tranquil TV wall mount come with instructions?

Yes, the Tranquil TV mount does come with a full set of installation instructions. The instructions can also be downloaded

TranquilMount TMO100A

TranquilMount TMO400A 

Do I require an expert to install the Tranquil TV wall mount?

No, anyone with basic knowledge and equipment can install this wall mount, seeking expert advice is always recommended.

Where can I buy a Tranquil TV mount for my fireplace?

The mount can be purchased online via our website or from Amazon

If I am not happy with the item, can I return it?

The item can be returned for a full refund within 28 days, please send an email to customer service so we can provide you with a return form. Click here for the contact us form.

Does the mount come with fittings?

The mount comes with all fittings.

How long will it take us to receive the goods when we order online?

Items in stock are dispatched within 48 Hours, delivery time is 1-3 days for the UK and 5-7 Days for the EU

Can I use the fireplace with my TV lowered?

We don’t recommend this but it can be used. Individuals should also consider how often they will be using the television and the fireplace at the same time. The temperature must not exceed 40 Degrees Celsius.

What is VESA?

Refer to our VESA Guide

How to install TV above the fireplace Mantel?

Yes the TV can be installed above the fireplace, follow our installing mount above fireplace for some tips.

Why mount TV over fireplace?

The TV over a fireplace has many benefits, we wrote an article which goes over the benefits. Follow the link before.

TV above Fireplace

How to adjust setting on the Tranquil Pull down TV Mount?

How to adjust setting on the Tranquil Pull down  TV Mount?

The TV Weight

The mount will first need to be adjusted when installed and this can be done at anytime.


The TV weight must be between the required weights in the image above. This is roughly 7KG ~ 32Kg

Adjusting the Mount Bracket FF depending on the TV weight

At the Bottom of the image below is a large bolt and this is used to adjust the spring depending on the weight. When it in the high place,the load capacity is small,when it in low place the load capacity is large


Adjusting the Tilting of the Mount TV

There are 3 piece of screw, you can adjust the small 2 screws to adjust the tilt function, total 4 pieces screws in two side. See Diagram below for the location of these screws.


Do you have a Scale Table for your Tranquil Mount to adjust the spring?

Yes, the spring must be adjusted in accordance with the weight of the Television. This is important so that the TV can easily move up and down.

Adjusting the artical  link —> Pull Down TV Mount

How does the Tranquil Mount work?

We have created a video to illustrate the use of the Mount, click on the link below

Pull-down TV Mount 

How to install TV Mount on dab plasterboard using corefix kit?


If you have any further questions or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.





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