Installation procedure

Installing the TV wall mount bracket

Step 1

Measure the centerline of the mantle and the area found and mark with a tape. It should be 600m above the fireplace.

Step 2

Plasterboard walls ONLY – Using the stud finder, locate at least two studs and finding their center using a sharp awl to locate each edge lag bolt should be installed in the center of the studs

Step 3

One should ensure there are no big deviations between the holes which need to be 10mm

Step 4

In case the wall is concrete, use an expansion pipe. (In order to have a better installation, it is necessary to have in-wall wiring or wall AV and power plates installed to hide the cords behind the wall. We advise you get a professional installer to do this)

Step 5

As illustrated take out wallboard, hex bolt screw and spanner from packaging and let the pre-set wire go through the hole.

Step 6

Take the nuts, front panel, bracket and spanner from installation to assist in installation

Step 7

Take out K/EE/FF/N(spanner M10) from the packaging, installation as illustrated in the picture.

Step 8

Finally taking out hexagon wrench from packaging lock the four head pan head screws (M8x10) with hexagon wrench use cable ties to up the wires.

Installing the TV screen and adjusting the spring pressure

Step 9

  • Do selection depending on the TV situation. Pan Head screw +washer; or pan head screw and washer and lock with cross screwdriver.
  • Take out Philips pan head screw, handle and connecting rod from the package in accordance with the TV set, adjust to the correct location and then lock with screw driver

Step 10

Lift the TV through hooks on the bracket and use a cross screw driver to lock the anti-off screws

Step 11

Adjust spring pressure to appropriate level (Check TV Manual for correct TV weight without stand) with energy saving wrench.

Step 12

Install the wall plate covers by clipping them onto the wall plate (They can be painted to the colour of the wall).


Work out with the bottom of the television when mounting the TV wall mount above the fireplace.

  • This TV wall mount Installation guide
  • Wall bracket, which is the most important part of the Tranquil Mount
  • Bracket-rises and lowers the TV
  • The hooks, fitting rod
  1. First mark the centre line of the wall panel where the TV will be mounted. This could be above the fireplace.

  2. Use the spirit level to mark the area of the wall bracket to find the center of the wall

  3. Bottom of bracket should be 600 cm above the fireplace

  4. Ensure the centerline is shown in the holes on the wall bracket

  5. Put the spirit above on top of the wall bracket while holding it on the wall to ensure that you have 100% level

  6. Also ensure the bottom is lined with the centre line initially drawn on the wall

  7. When the spirit level is 100%, the centre line passes through the centre of the two holes of the wall bracket,

  8. Mark the mounting holes on the four corners of the wall bracket for your fixings

  9. Use the 10mm plugs and the 10mm bolts supplied

  10. For the concrete walls, you can drill the 8 mm holes and use the concrete nails

  11. Drill the 10 mm holes first and then put the 10mm plugs

  12. Mount the wall bracket and then insert the bolts; ensure that the centerline passes through the wall bracket holes before fixing the bolts

Join the bracket to the crosspiece and tighten using the small nuts provided

Use the small spanner provided to tighten the nuts joining the crosspiece and the bracket

Ensure the hook bars are not fixed below the TV

Use the washer and the nuts to screw the hook bars to the back of the TV

Also, ensure the screws at the back of the hook bars are undone for fixing the TV to the crossbar

Use the shorter screws to connect to the handle to the connecting rod already fixed to the hook bars

Slot the four mounting holes on the bracket to the bracket on the wall and the fix it in place with the screws that have been supplied in the box

The arrow written up on the cross bars confirm that the right connection has been realized

The calibration gauge for the television will give information on the adjustments to be made depending on the size of the TV

The hooks on top of the hook bars are for hooking the TV to the bracket on the wall

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