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80% of online visitors remember a video they viewed in the past 30 days. Why not have videos on your stand as a way of competing against hundreds of other businesses? More customers will be interested in your business at a trade show or event when you use a stand mount to create a multimedia presentation for your business. Each of these mount stands has benefits that will help set your business apart from the competition. Many of our event display stands come with monitor brackets already built-in and incorporated into the design. You can interactively communicate with your event visitors via many channels – video, internet, social media, lead capture and competitions. The above channels are quickly accessible using technology such as TV screens, tablets, laptops or mobile phones. It best suits the needs of different companies creating a considerable impact. Also, all of these displays come with instructions for quick settings.

Why are the TranquilMount TV Mount Brackets & Stands the best display choice for different events?

Some of the key benefits of using tranquil mount stand in events:

  • Cost-Effectiveness Display Wall

One of the primary benefits of having a tranquil mount stands at an event is that it is cost-effective. Advertising has many forms, and almost all of them are expensive. Using a tranquilmount display stand is cheaper because you can customize your TV stand in the way that cost-effectively presents the message. The material used in display stands is durable and light compared to other options. It cuts down shipping expenses due to its weight and is also more comfortable to install or dismantle. These stands also last longer, so you can use them for multiple events.

  • Impressive Display Wall

A key benefit of having a Tranquilmount stands at an event is the impression they create due to their exceptional appearance. Going with a display stand is a cheaper option that does not compromise the quality of the presentation in any way. The theme of the display stands is set up according to an event, and a display stand instantly impacts visitors. Events offer a golden opportunity to make new, potentially lucrative business contacts.

Video Wall Stands


Events attendees are likely to have plenty of questions about your company, products and services some of which you might not be able to answer off the top of your head. Having a tablet on the stand gives you and your visitor easy fingertip access to the most recent updated information.

Using a TranquilMount stands can allow you to draw and engage an audience by playing promotional videos on a loop throughout the event, locking the tablet to your website allowing visitors to browse your full product offering, running an optional survey or quiz, running competitions through interactive games and many more.

TranquilMount stands are ideal for businesses to use in a range of situations, such as at events, retail stores, exhibitions, training purposes and conferences. Please have a look at our online catalogue, which showcases products made of high-quality materials at low prices to suit the varying needs of customers.

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