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Video Wall

What is a display wall (Video Wall)?

A display wall / Digital Signage (also known as a video wall) is a large surface containing numerous displays. They were initially several televisions or screens put together to make it seem like one large screen using Video Wall mount i.e 4×2 video wall.

New thin edge technologies were introduced to minimise the hidden space between the multiple screens. Now, wall solutions are generally using tiled LCD panels, projection, or direct LED tiles.

These display walls are available in many sizes, usually with a diameter from 46″ to 80″. But the choice of the screen size depends on the specific content and the viewing distance. The resolution depends on the size of the Video wall.

Video LED Walls are mounted in meeting rooms, control rooms or for display and advertisement.

Example LED Wall Configurations

4×2 video wall, 2×2 , 3×3 ……. and so on 4×4

Common traits:

  • Wall Video controller to get content on the screens
  • Digital Signage
  • Calibration mechanism to ensure every tile have the same brightness and colour settings. 
  • Minimal inter-tile gap (or ultra-narrow bezel) to counter the ‘raster effect.’
  • Flexible regarding the number of LEDs (screen size)

About LCD walls

LCD wall consists of multiple specifically designed LCDs, these LCDs have a very narrow bezel. The LCD display wall minimizes the gap between the panels, making it look like one big canvas. Today, Tranquil Mount MV70 has the smallest gap between the panels.

In addition, LCD display walls are designed for long term use. Specific measures are applied to prevent burn-in effects from allowing them to play for many years, in optimal conditions. In some cases, they continuously play in a 24/7 mode, which means they are rarely switched off. 

Display Wall Solutions’ traditional benefits include the high brightness, acceptable image quality, and relatively low cost. The disadvantages are the risk of burn-in and the lower lifetime. However many LEDs today have tackled that problem, so there is no worry of burn-ins happening.

Typical markets for LCD walls include meeting and crisis rooms, lobbies, and experience centres. They are also found in control rooms of traffic and security centres.


Now using projection, rear-projection video walls target different applications. They are optimal for 24/7 use. Utility providers mostly rely on technology to monitor networks. 

A rear-projection video is a wall that consists of multiple cubes, which contain a projector and a screen. The projectors are tilted towards a mirror under a 45° angle reflects the image onto the screen. This means that the required depth is cut dramatically. The Projection can also be serviced from the front, so there is no need for a rear maintenance area.

This technology’s benefits include the very high runtime, an absence of burn-in, and a narrower gap between cubes. Traditional drawbacks are the limited brightness and the real estate space used.

LED Display walls

Direct view LED technology is used to create the most intricate video walls. Live performances use LED video walls to add effect. The LED display tiles contain many individual colour LEDs.

The high brightness, absence of gaps between the screens and impressive colours are the main benefits of this technology. The disadvantages are high cost and power consumption.

LED Manufacturers/Digital Signage

LG Digital LED

LG Video wall technology offers high picture quality and performance perfect for advertisements, information, menus, and broadcast videos.

Samsung LED

Samsung offers edgeless, Razor & Extreme Narrow Bezel for Premium video wall solution with incredibly narrow bezel for seamless picture quality and performance. That is a video wall that is sure to make an impression on your intended audience.

Sharp LED

Truly an innovative and unique SHARP video wall display mainly designed for video wall applications and multi-screen installations. Sharp’s Advanced UCCT (Uniform Colour Calibration Technology) guarantees a perfect white point and colour uniformity for every display making up the video wall.

Panasonic LED

Video wall Display High Pixel density and Built with ultra-narrow bezel and high-brightness, a robust design, an outstanding picture quality and wide viewing angles (direct LED back-lit IPS panel).

Digital Signage Software and Hardware 

Datapath Software Solution

Datapath has a range of software tools to plan, execute and manage complete Display wall set-ups. Whether there is a small wall in a single location or multiple large walls across some sites, Datapath has several applications to manage, find faults and stream sources when using video walls.

Useful Wall Mount Solution

A Video Wall Solution For Those Who Care About Reliability, Management, And Scalability.

Digital Signage Mounting Kit

Tranquil Mount MV70 Video Wall Mount Offers Precision Mounting Solutions For LEDs And LCDs That Is No Like Other. It Also Offers Easy Access To The Video Display For Configuration And Cabling.

video wall mount commercial

Screen resolution

A factor affecting the cost of the wall solution is the resolution of the LED screen. Resolution is determined by the number of pixels in a fixed area. A higher count of pixels will produce an image with a higher resolution.

The audience’s distance determines the decision of what resolution you need to the led screen. The further the screen from the audience, the lower your resolution needs to be (like a concert, for example.)

LED screens with a higher resolution can dramatically increase the price too. These screens require high-end processors to produce imagery at a higher resolution. So if you choose to change to a higher-resolution display, the LED screen’s cost and its usage cost will increase.

Video Wall Digital Signage
Digital Signage Video Wall
Video Display

Universal Mount Stands – Best Display Choices at Different Events

80% of online visitors remember a video they viewed in the past 30 days. Why not have videos on your stand as a way of competing against hundreds of other businesses? More customers will be interested in your business at a trade show or event when you use a stand mount to create a multimedia presentation for your business. Each of these mount stands has its benefits that will help set your business apart from the competition. Many of our event display stands come with monitor brackets already built-in and incorporated into the design. You can interactively communicate with your event visitors via many channels – video, internet, social media, lead capture and competitions. Above channels are quickly accessible when using technology such as TV screens, tablets, laptops or mobile phones. It best suits the needs of different companies creating a considerable impact. Also, all of these displays come with instructions for the quick settings.

Why is the tranquil universal mount stands best display choice for different events?

Some of the key benefits of using tranquil mount stand in events:

  • Cost-Effectiveness

One of the primary benefits of having a tranquil mount stands at an event is because it is cost-effective. Advertising has many forms, and almost all of them are expensive one. Using a tranquil mount display stand is cheaper because you can customize your stand in the way that it cost-effectively presents the message. The material used in display stands is durable and light as compared to other options. It cuts down shipping expenses due to its weight and also more comfortable to install or dismantle. These stands also manage to last longer, so you can also use them for multiple events.

  • Impressive Display

A key benefit of having a tranquil mount stands at an event is an impression they create due to their exceptional appearance. Going with a display stand is a cheaper option that does not compromise the quality of presentation in any way. The theme of the display stands is set-up according to an event, and a display stand makes an impact on visitors instantly. Events offer a golden opportunity to make new, potentially lucrative business contacts.

Video Wall Stands
  • Enhanced Communication:

Events attendees are likely to have plenty of questions about your company, products and services some of which you might not be able to answer off the top of your head. Having a tablet on the stand gives you and your visitor easy fingertip access to the most recent updated information.

Using a tranquil mount stands can allow you to draw and engage an audience by playing promotional videos on a loop throughout the event, locking the tablet to your website allowing visitors to browse your full product offering, running an optional survey or quiz, running competitions through interactive games and many more.

Tranquil mount stands are ideal for businesses to use in a range of situations, such as at events, retail stores, exhibitions, training purposes and conferences. Please have a look at our online catalogue, which showcases products made of high-quality materials at low prices to suit the varying needs of customers.

Video Wall Display - Digital Signage solutions

Video Wall Display Mount for airports

Video Wall Display - Digital Signage solutions

The digital display market is booming. The Tranquil Mount provides a variety of digital signage mounting solutions which are perfect for use in every situation where information needs to be present to the public. Video wall installations are quickly becoming the go-to solution for presenting large amounts of data in commercial places. Multiple displays aren’t just cropping up in corporate boardrooms. Airport check-in desks, luggage check-in, flight information, restaurant menu boards, retail, control rooms, corporate, hospital screens & public spaces with cutting edge digital video walls are all the rage.

Video walls Display also help in visualizing data because they can show large amounts of information that is visible to various people at the same time.

Tranquil mount’s range of video wall mounting features a variety of different products, allowing video walls to be mounted to a wall, on poles, excluded from the ceiling or freestanding on the floor. 

Video Wall Ceiling Mount is the absolute solution when designing impacting digital advertising displays in no wall situations.

Building electronic signage Display video walls with the wrong or poor mounting brackets can result in distortion and poor finish and can add many working hours to the installation.

Tranquil mount’s video wall was tested in-house and approved for use. The MV70 wall mounts have been proven to provide smooth installation and adjustment to ensure near-perfect alignment with innovative weight balancing systems no matter the size or thickness of TVs. The mounts also offer comfortable access for cabling and front access for maintenance of the video wall. All these features will help to ensure the long-life operation of our mounts with little maintenance.

The most popular mount in the range is the Video Wall TMO MV70. Features include tool-free precise height adjustment, depth adjustment and tilt adjustment for seamless display alignment. Secure video mounts modular bracket solution which allows the adjustment of video walls of any size or configuration – in both landscape and portrait orientations. A pop-in and pop-out mechanism allows quick access to the rear of mounted screens for maintenance and servicing and makes mounting into a recessed wall possible.

You can do toolless micro-adjustment at 8 points means screens can be perfectly aligned and screen-specific spacers provide video walls to be assembled without the need for time-consuming calculations and measurements.

Choose from Tranquil mount’s variety of different LED screen wall and ceiling mounts suitable for Samsung, Philips and Panasonic LCD Displays.

Various features of Video Mount TMO MV70:

Video wall display
MV70 Wall Video Mount
Video Display
video wall
Display Wall Video Mount

Take control of your installation with Tranquil mounts. These universal, low-profile mounts are the perfect solution for many applications. Fusion is a one-of-a-kind flat panel display mounting system that solves the most challenging installation challenges with easy pull out function makes it ideal for digital signage solution. Suitable for rolling out electronic signage using Samsung, Philips and Panasonic.

Our Video wall mounting solution are world class and made from strong material.

video wall mount commercial

All You Need To Know About Using a Video Wall Mount

Installing mount TV on the wall at home or office

Thirty-four years – that’s how long the average adult will spend staring at a screen in their lifetime.

You can use the world’s affinity for screens to your advantage, whether for yourself or for your business. Build a video wall to draw eyes to multiple pieces of media that you want to share — or want to see yourself. 

Of course, you can’t create a video wall without installing a few screens side by side by side. You just need to get a few video wall mounts and learn how to adhere them to the wall. 

We can help you with that. Here’s how to mount a TV on the wall as part of your video facade. 

Video Mount MV70
Video Mount MV70

Know What You Want First

Before you can helm your wall-mounted TV installations, you need to know how you will use the wall. 

Will you use each screen to display something different? Or do you want a single picture stretched across multiple TVs? 

To do these things, you’ll need more than just a wall mount for your TVs. You’ll also need to install a video wall processor, which can help you set the positions and sizes of what you play on each screen. 

Let’s say you want to draw media from different sources, such as streaming data, 3D, computer data, etc. You will need a multi-window processor to make this vision a reality. 

You will need to know beforehand if the wall will be interactive, as well. It’s easy to figure this out. Will you touch the screens to move content around or pull and stretch it to different screens? 

Answer these questions before you learn how to mount a TV. You need to come up with a plan of action before you start with the physical labour. 

Choose the Right Mount

Now that you’ve designed your video display and created the content to fill it, you can move on to selecting your electronics. You can also choose the wall mount to hold everything in place. 

The structural integrity of your wall-mounted TV installations should be of the utmost importance. You don’t want it to crumble and fall on someone down the line. 

So, choose a mount with replaceable parts. Even a high-quality system will lose its strength over time. If you can replace parts, though, you can maintain the structure for as long as possible. 

The wall needs to be strong, too. So, have a pro inspect the structural support behind the wall where you want to install a wall-mount display. 

Ventilate the Space

You can’t hang your video wall mount in a space without ample ventilation. Think about it: lots of TVs will create quite a bit of heat that needs somewhere to go. Otherwise, it could spell trouble for your display. 

So, choose a spot that gets plenty of airflow, or create the ventilation yourself with fans and vents. This step is crucial in your planning because it will likely factor into your budget and bottom line. Count it into your costs or risk running out of cash mid-project. 

Check the Electrical Supply

You’re hanging up a bunch of new TVs. How will you power them all? 

Make sure you have the wattage to run a video display through your wall-mounted TVs. On top of that, safeguard your new TVs with a surge protection system, just in case there’s unexpected flux in electricity. 

Mount the TVs

Now that you’ve done the groundwork, it’s time to hang your TVs. 

Your best bet, of course, is to hire a professional to take care of this job for you. This tip is especially true when it comes to wall mounts.

A pro will know how to level everything out so your TVs are evenly spaced. The technician can also take care of the preventative steps as listed above. They’ll check the ventilation, set up surge protection and more. 

However, if you want to hang your video wall mount on your own, here are the basic steps to take

1. Map Out the Wall First

Need help visualising your wall-mounted TV installation? Use paper.

Yes, you can — and should — cut out pieces of paper the size of your TV(s) and hang them on the wall where you want the screens to go. 

This will help you hang them at the perfect height. Plus, you can level off and space out your cardboard papers so that your TVs will hang this way, too. 

2. Find the Studs

You will want your TV wall mounts to hold onto a stud for added support. So, find the studs in your walls and mark them so you can hang your mounts safely and securely. 

3. Mark the Pilot Holes

Align the pilot holes on your mount to the stud. Mark the two holes at its center, where you’ll attach the mount to the support beam. 

Rely on your level for this step so that your markings are balanced — you don’t want to realise you have one crooked TV after you drill holes. 

4. Hold Up the Mount

Don’t drill anything yet. Instead, use your markings to align the mounting hardware to the wall. You might need a second set of hands to help you with this step so you can check levelness before reaching for your power tools. 

5. Drill the Pilot Holes

Now that you’ve double-checked your levelness, it’s time to make your wall-mounted TV installation official. Drill into the pilot holes you’ve marked onto the wall. 

6. Attach the Mount

Your second set of hands will help here, too. They can hold the mount whilst you drill it in using your fresh pilot holes. Once your mount is up, check it once again for levelness — things can get off balance, even if you’ve been careful thus far. 

You want to check before you move onto the last step — hanging your TV. 

7. Mount the TV

Your mounting system will come with a plate to attach to the back of your TV. Now’s the time to put that securely in place. Then, follow manufacturer instructions to hang the TV onto the wall. 

Enjoy Your Video Wall Mount

Whether it’s an in-office display, an informational advertisement or a personal TV setup, you’ve now got the tools to create a video wall mount. So, start by brainstorming how and why you’ll use it. Then, you can hang the TVs you need to make that vision a reality. 

We can help you on that quest — we have TV mounts for your home and professional setups. Contact us today to find the right hardware for you.

Why One Should Invest in TV Mount

Today, as people’s economic life grows better, they are going towards high-level life experience. Demand for TV, desktop, and other products is increasing compared with several years before. The development of the whole economy has increased the TV and Monitor mount markets, and now people are giving more attention to the quality of the TV and monitor mounts. So, TV and Monitor mounts are increasingly used not only in the residential but also in commercial places.

TV mounts are suitable for any flat-panel TV including, LED, OLED, Plasma, or LCD Screen. Several types of TV mounts are available in the market such as Wall Mount, Full-Motion Wall Mount, Tilting Wall Mount, and Ceiling Mount. Tranquil mounts are most comfortable to install and economical as compared to other TV mounts.

If you recently purchased a TV and you are looking for TV Mounts, you have come to the right place. Tranquil Mounts specialize in all types of TV mounts, tv mobile stands, ceiling mounts and monitor mounts with years of experience in this industry. You can get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding mounting and installation services.

There are some compelling reasons why everyone loves to mount TV to the wall.


Nowadays TVs are thinner and lighter than ever, and virtually all of them feature standardized mounting holes called VESA patterns that ensure compatibility with most TV mounts. Taking advantage of these pre-established mounting holes is a safe and secure way to get more out of your TV. TV wall mounting installation is just safer.


By mounting a TV to a wall, you earn a sizable amount of floor space that would otherwise be taken up by your TV stand or cabinet. TV mount gives your entertainment area a cleaner, stylish atmosphere, and is especially beneficial for people living in small apartments, and tiny homes. It is not only space saver; it additionally gives your room a sleek, smooth, uncluttered look and enhances your overall viewing experience.


When you mount your TV to the wall in your home, it is mounted at the perfect height and angle for ideal viewing. This means that you don’t have to crane your neck to watch TV, you can sit back and relax without muscle strain or pain.


To truly benefit from your TV, you’ll want to ensure it is visible from multiple viewing angles. To achieve this, use a tranquil full motion TV mount to give you the freedom and flexibility to position your TV anywhere you want it.


Investing in a fully articulated TV wall mount and having your TV installed that way allows for better comfort as a viewer. When you have your TV wall mounted professionally, however, all you have to do is choose a fully articulated TV mount, and you can quickly move your TV to any viewing angle you like! Also, you can get swivel and tilt capabilities and also a full-motion mount will help to reduce glare, improve line-of-sight, and even give you the ability to watch TV from anywhere in the room.

A tranquil mount offers you various types of TV mount with different features based on your needs.

what are the best lowering tv mounts?

You’re here because your home entertainment highly matters to you. It matters to us too. Tranquil mount not only offers tilt and swivel but also provides you to quickly lower the TV down off the wall and place it at eye level in front of the fireplace. And you can easily push back to its original position. This TV mount is also ideal to fit above the fireplace. Some Lowering TV mount comes with various features like Tilt, Swivel & Full Motion. You can choose based on your needs.

That’s no small feat, but it’s everything in addition to our technology and full range motion that make Tranquil Mount a premium solution like no other.

The tranquil mount has tripled the amount of performance and safety features than your standard TV mount. You’re not just buying “another TV mount” when you buy a Tranquil Mount. It’s a new room, something to wow your guests with; Tranquil mount is an entirely re-imagined, fully optimized home entertainment experience. Real comfort and maximized TV viewing enjoyment is guaranteed for the whole family.

Tranquil Mounts offers various types of lowering mount models based on your TV size and your needs. Here are the different kinds of lowering mounts suggested by tranquil mount:

TMO100A – Mount TV above fireplace | Mountable TV 55″ to 65″

Tranquil mount is a specialist in TV Mounts. We use innovative designs to develop a range of TV brackets. Our TMO100A model uses gas spring technology.

It is created and intended to offer the capability to lower, swivel, tilt the TV easily. The pull-down TV feature enables you to position your TV for excellent eye-level viewing.

The commonplace for installation is the fireplace. With the TMO100A TV Bracket, you can lower your TV in front of a fireplace. No more looking up high to watch TV. It can be easily mounted and once in place, easy to pull and pushed back to its primary position high above the fireplace or wall.

TMO400B – Pull down TV fireplace wall mount | 32 inch tv bracket – 50 inch tv bracket

Tranquil Mount Fireplace is uniquely designed to offer the ability to tilt and swivel the TV simply and with the added feature of pull-down for better eye-level viewing. It could also help with reducing strain on the neck from looking up for a long time. TV mounted at height may cause chronic neck pain. It can quickly be pushed back to its original position. This mount is perfect for Mounting TV with a weight between 4-16kg and 100 x 100mm (Min), 400×400 (Max).

TMO800A – Pull down TV Mount for 70″ to 100″ lowering the TV for eye-level viewing:

Tranquil Mount TMO800 Gas spring mantel fireplace easily pull-down TV wall mount for TVs 70″-100″ with tilt and swivel, using gas spring technology. It has been uniquely designed to offer the ability to swivel and tilt the TV smoothly and with the added feature of pull-down for best eye-level view experience. You can mount it in front of the fireplace, meeting rooms, classroom or university. It can easily be pushed back to its original position high above the wall.

Click the link to see various types of Lowering TV Mounts.

As you can see there are plenty of types of TV wall mounts available, so you think which mount is best for my TV?

So basically it depends on your needs and what type of wall mount you want to mount in your home that looks good with your layout.

For more types of TV wall mount, go to the Tranquil Mount and choose your mount.

How to Mount a TV Above Fireplace ideas

Positioning your TV and fireplace together might sound pretty straightforward, but there are few other options to consider depending on the look, your space and style you want along with existing floor plans and layout.

One of the most important concerns we hear is that a TV located above a fireplace is at an annoying viewing angle, and this can be true, as most TV installed above the fireplace will be beyond your eye level when you are seated. Solution for that problem is a TV above fireplace mounts offered by a tranquil mount.

After purchasing a TV and TV mount, you have to decide where you want to mount your TV. Here are several ideas where you can mount your TV in your room, which looks great.

1. Mount your TV above fireplace:

Whatever your opinion of installing a TV over a fireplace maybe, there is no denying that it is undoubtedly a trend. There are two significant benefits that the TV above fireplace arrangement has going for it:

  • When done correctly, installing a TV above the fireplace is an easy way to create an overall balanced look with the fireplace below and TV on top.
  • Placing the TV and fireplace in one place also makes a single focal point, which can simplify your furniture arrangement.

Now you think what about the height issue? So tranquil mounts have a solution to your problem, they provide you TV above fireplace mounts so that you can adjust your TV based upon your needs. You can lower your TV to get the best viewing angle, or you can tilt & swivel to reduce glare. You can check various types of mounts available at tranquil mount.

2. Place Your TV Next to the Fireplace:

Now if you don’t want to mount your TV above the fireplace then here is another option. You can install your TV next to the fireplace. It also looks good with your layout.

To mount TV next to the fireplace tranquil mount provides various types of wall mounts with different features like full-motion tilt & swivel. You can choose based on your arrangement.

3. Mount a TV Perpendicular to the Fireplace:

So far, we’ve discussed places that keep the TV on the same wall as your fireplace. Here is an option that mounts a TV on a perpendicular wall.

As you can see in the above photo, the TV and fireplace are around 90 degrees apart. And as well as they are on different walls, the fireplace and TV aren’t competing with each other.

A sectional works especially well in this setup because functionally, it allows you to enjoy a fireplace and have a pleasant view of the TV. Likely, it binds the two focal points. In place of a sectional, you could get a similar effect using two sofas with one facing the TV and the other facing the fireplace.

If you have glare come from windows or indoor light sources, a full-motion TV mount will help you reduce unwanted glare on your screen and allow you to point your TV to where you are seated to get the best viewing experience.

 Check our various types of TV mounts.

tv above fireplace

Three Benefits of TV Wall Mount by Tranquil Mount

tv above fireplace

Most common questions asked on Google and by our customers looking to purchase a TV mount.

  • TV Above Fireplace, a good idea?
  • Can I mount my TV above a brick fireplace?
  • TV above fireplace ideas?
  • Is it easy to install TV mount above the fireplace?
  • Where to buy above the fireplace full motion pull down tv mount?

Have you recently purchased a TV or already own the one that is taking up your valuable room space? Then you may think about mounting it to the wall. Mounting flat-screen TV to the wall has been a part of a trend for about a decade now. If you are one of those persons who are not believed that you should have a wall-mounted TV, this article will help you understand why it’s a great idea.

There are numerous benefits to mounting your TV to the wall or above the fireplace. Some of the benefits are listed here.

  1. Space Saver

The most significant advantage of wall mounting your TV is the considerable space it saves. The TV stand can often be clunky and massive. With Tranquil Mounts you don’t need any extra surface space to place the TV on. Additionally, Tranquil Mounts gives your room a sleek and uncluttered look and enhances your overall viewing experience. And there’s no doubt that a wall-mounted flat-screen TV looks exceptional when done correctly. You can also choose exactly how high you want to mount your TV.

Mounting your TV not only looks sleeker, but it also allows you to store more inside the entertainment centre that was once dedicated to holding your television.

  1. Safety and ease

When you place the TV on a centre table, there are possibilities for your TV falling over. Children or pets in your home may run into the area, consequently making the possibility of a falling TV something at the forefront of your mind. Furthermore, children or pets may even get injured. For that reason, your TV is safer when mounted on the wall rather than on a stand. The majority of new flats screen TVs are designed to be wall-mounted, with the holes in the back for mounts and brackets. These are designed to a standard VESA Mounting Interface Standard – which means you can pick up a bracket of a specific size and be assured that it will fit perfectly. Typically, the TV’s box states the type of mount you need. Tranquil Mounts offers many safety features on all of their mounts to ensure that your family remains safe. Brackets and Mounts are simpler to install than people think. It usually takes less than an hour to set up and attach everything. With a little research mounting your TV can be done safely, and with ease.

Follow the link for a step-by-step guide for all your queries.

Tranquil Mount Pull-down TV Mount Installation Video

  1. Viewing Angles

Mounting your TV on the wall helps to create a good viewing experience. Most mounts are adjustable, and you can try watching your TV from different angles.

Tranquil Mount offers full-motion wall mounts. Not only is this beneficial for reducing neck and eye strain, but it also allows you to move the mount for different directions. The swivel and tilt feature can help eliminate glare. If you are cooking in the kitchen, TV can be swivelled to view while you are cooking!

If you’ve decided that you want to mount your television but you’re not exactly sure how to get started, Check Tranquil Mount website to see the installation guidelines. Once you have installed the wall mount then all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy.

What is the fireplace TV mount and how to install it?

Whenever you purchase a new flat-screen TV, I am sure “where to place it” & “how to place it?” Must be the first questions you raised in your mind. And you turned your eyes to the fireplace side – how awesome it’ll be if the TV is mounting above it!

However, you were worrying about it at the same time. Will the heat reduce the lifespan of my new TV? Is it too high to have a comfortable view of the TV above the fireplace? And, you’ll doubt, is it easy to mount the TV over the fireplace?

In this post, we are going to answer these questions and tell you how you can install a TV mount above the fireplace so anyone who wants to mount TV above the fireplace can fulfill their desire.

The solution to all your doubts is “Tranquil Fireplace TV Mount”.

What is Fireplace TV Mount?

Fireplace TV mounts by TranquilMount are designed to resolve the standard problem of mounting a TV on top of the fireplace.

Many people today are mounting a TV above their fireplaces. But is that smart? We always think is it ok to do that with all the heat of the fireplace generates.

The simple answer is – yes.

Mount your TV using Tranquil Fireplace TV Mounts it saves your TV from the heat generated by the fireplace.

And one more benefit is if you think a TV is too high when viewed from a couch. The solution to this problem is to lower the TV down for when it is viewed using Tranquil TV Mount.

How to Install?

Different homes have a different layout from another, going for the usual installation of a wallmounted flat-screen TV is hard to satisfy.

It is important to get it correct, or it results in the TV getting damaged, either during the installation process or by the heat of the location.

All type of fireplaces like Gas, Electric and Wood fireplaces produce heat, while electric and gas fireplace don’t produce ash or smoke, the heat from these types of fireplaces can damage a TV if certain precautions are not followed.

Preparation before Mounting the TV above a Fireplace

Take a look at the situation before mounting a TV above a fireplace mantel; common planning thoughts include the following:

Mark alignment of the TV over the fireplace, if you are thinking about putting it in the centre. It can be done with a second person to hold the TV, a pencil marker, a tape measure, and a level.

Determine the type of wall needed. Plasterboard is comparably easy to screw into, but you need to find the studs, but brick, concrete, and stone are hard. The harder wall will need to be predrilled, and the holes fitted with wall plugs before mounts can be attached.

Confirm that the wall can take the weight of the TV and mount together. You must know what you are doing; otherwise, you could damage the wall.

Make sure screws or bolts do not affect electric wiring or pipes in the wall. Use a wire detector; some stud finder has added function to locate pipes and electrical wire, as well as studs.

Ask an electrician to install power behind the TV & AV cable to get the best finish and hide all the wiring of the TV.

Carefully learning all of these points makes the TV mounting much faster, easier, and safer.

Positioning Concern

Mounting TV above the fireplace is a balance between saving height of the television and space, but it can have a few unplanned side effects, including uncomfortable viewing conditions for its owners, and unusual audio nuances.

Hopefully, most of the issues can be resolved quickly by using our Tranquil TV Mount.

Conclusion – Mounting TV above Fireplace

Mounting TV over the fireplace is ideal for today’s quest for extra space, limited and expensive living space now a day’s means the journey to come up with some exciting ideas for the home.

Installing a TV above a fireplace mantel requires precaution and good planning, but the end result will be impressive.

TV needs to be protected and correctly installed to get the best out of the new setup. Tranquil TV Mount gives you the flexibility of mounting TV above the fireplace with the added functionality to be able to pull the TV down for comfortable viewing.

“And remember, if you’re neither handy nor an expert on mounting a TV, don’t fret! It is always suggested using a professional installer they would have carried out many installs.”

What is Video Mount?

We all agree that TV is a central part of our living room.

TV means different things to different people. For some, it is a symbol of the place where the family gathers after having food, for the couple, it’s the best place to romance while watching movies; and for others still, it’s where they sit together & watch the weekend’s big sports game.

Finally, you purchased a flat-screen TV you have been wanting. Before you can start watching the big game or your favourite movies & series, you’ll need to decide. Will you mount it, or will you set it on a cabinet?

If you put your TV with a TV stand or cabinet, it occupies the more substantial surface space. And the swinging electrical cables might make the area look messy and always look like a headache while cleaning. That’s where TV Mount comes into the pictures. Let’s get straight to some of the great benefits to mount a tv.

Benefits for mounting a TV

  • Space saver
  • Ability to angle your TV for the best viewing experience
  • Less clutter
  • Potential to hide wires and cables

So finally, you decided to mount a TV on your wall. That’s a great idea. But which type of TV mount best for your TV & your space.TV mount is not an accessory, but rather, a necessity. Unlike the TV of the past, flat-screens are designed to fit into their surroundings without taking up much space.

TranquilMount is the leading supplier of TV mounts, so we recommended that you take a look at our website TranquilMount and explore different options of TV mounts. Sometimes it is overwhelming to find out so many different mount types, but it all comes down to three distinct mount types that offer different features based on your viewing needs:

Types of TV Mount

  1. Lowering TV Mounts
  2. Fireplace TV Mounts
  3. Wall Mounts

1. Lowering TV Mounts:

In this mount type, you can lower your TV easily whenever you need, and it can easily be pushed back to its original position. This TV mount is also ideal to fit above the fireplace.

Some Lowering TV mount also comes with various features like Tilt, Swivel & Full Motion. TranquilMount offers various types of lowering mount models based on your TV size and your needs.

2. Fireplace TV Mounts

Suppose you are thinking about how awesome it’ll be to mount a TV above the fireplace. But you worried about the heat of the fireplace.

The TranquilMount’s fireplace TV mounts range is the only solution to your doubt. Our fireplace mounts are easy to mount above your fireplace, and it saves your TV from the heat generated by the fireplace as well. You can also pull down your TV if you think it is too high, or you can tilt or swivel your TV based on your need. Explore our range of  Fireplace TV Mount by clicking the link.

3. Wall Mounts

These are not a just simple wall mount, you can adjust your TV angle, and you can also pull out or in TV to save space.

Some wall mounts also have features like swivel, and you can swivel your TV 180″ from the wall to get the best viewing angle, and some wall mounts also support full motion so you can swivels, tilts, and rotates your TV to get the best viewing angle.

Click the link to see our range of  Wall Mounts.

If you are not sure which TV mount is right for you, then you can always check our Find the right mount for your page.

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