Is your TV mounted on the wall at home? Or is it suspended above the fireplace!? 

Have you begun developing neck pain recently? Check the height of your TV on the wall.

Wall-mounted TV helps save space, which has become very popular and highly appealing. It’s also very compelling to put your TV over the fireplace. Hanging the TV over the fireplace requires you to mount the television relatively high to clear the mantle. If your Sofa or favourite chair is near the TV, this might contribute to neck pain.

Pause to think about your neck and spinal alignment while watching TV on your Sofa. If the TV is too close to the chair and TV mounted too high, people look up. Thus, it may lead to muscular imbalances and stiffness, particularly of the neck. Some subtle signs of neck pain include increased stiffness, achy shoulders, or headaches. If you are experiencing these symptoms and recently mounted your television above the fireplace, consider relocating your TV or using a TV lowing mount

It is still possible to mount your TV; however, consider a height that would place the monitor at eye level as you sit on your favourite Sofa.

If you have developed neck pain and altering the height of your TV has not helped, contact your doctor. They can help you diagnose the source of your pain and give you specific instructions on dealing with your condition.

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